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Why become a member of the Tax Link Canada Network?

Quite Frankly, A Tax Link Canada membership isn't for everyone. This network is for bookkeepers and tax professionals who are passionate about integrity and ensuring their clients get the best tax advantage.

We believe this membership will benefit bookkeeping and tax professionals who want to grow their business and create more time and financial freedom in their lives.  What follows is an invitation for you to apply for a membership into Canada’s most remarkable network.

Read on to see what benefits a Tax Link Canada membership can do for you.

A Tax Link Canada  membership is truly a benefit to your business!

For example, you get a truly impressive array of extra privileges, all designed to funnel more clients to you.

  • Marketing

    • Your own web page on Tax Link Canada site; easier for businesses to find professionals that will give them clear, concise information.
    • The benefits of Canada wide advertising; both in print and on the internet.
    • 10 Free advertisements ready-to-use for your business the moment you activate your membership.
  • Newsletter/Private Group

    • Monthly newsletter packed with information geared to boost your business.
    • Up to date tips on taxes, bookkeeping and streamlining business operations.
    • Private Yahoo Group for members only; where you’ll have a secure place to ask questions and network with other professionals just like yourself.
  • Special Offers

    • Special offers on software you use in your business.
    • Savings certificates on supplies for your business.
    • Bonus marketing materials to give to your clients to boost your business.

What else?

Benefits like these only begin to tell the story of the Tax Link Canada's ability to funnel clients to you, help you save BIG on marketing costs and increase your credibility as a professional within your community. 

    • Marketing Leads

      • Unique and effective marketing that leads clients right to your webpage on the Tax Link Canada site.
      • Potential clients will also have access to information that will help them make a better decision on hiring you as a professional.
      • Bookkeepers and tax advisers are the front line and that is where tax savings start.
      • Potential clients will be guided through various forms of information so that they also understand a good bookkeeper and tax adviser is their key to successfully getting their best tax advantage.
    • Credibility

      • The goal of Tax Link Canada is to ensure that bookkeepers, tax advisers, financial advisers and other consulting professionals are viewed as professionals in their field.
      • Clients come to the website to find professionals they can trust to truly give them the best tax advantage; as well as people who can help them navigate the confusing world that bookkeeping and taxes can often be.
    • More Time and Financial Freedom

      • The majority of tax & bookkeeping professionals often don’t have the time or the marketing know-how to draw in more clients.
      • The Tax Link Canada network frees up the time and money you usually have to invest into marketing and research by doing a big chunk of the marketing for you.
      • This ultimately frees up more time for you to do the work that you are trained to do which ultimately creates the most direct benefit for you financially.
    • Bonus Materials

      • Ready to print handbooks, customizable to include your business information.
      • These handbooks will not only help your clients improve their understanding of taxes and bookkeeping, it will also cause a greater word of mouth ripple as your clients show off the handbooks they received free from you to their friends.
      • Trust us, these handbooks brought in a surprising amount of new clients.  It’s another element that makes you different from your competitors.

     What does it all cost?

    In a few words, a membership into Tax Link Canada is the most effective medium available to grow your business, increase your professional integrity and ultimately create more time and financial freedom in your own life. If you were to hire these marketing services out individually as well as attend the seminars and networking events required to access both the people and information you will have access to with Tax Link Canada's network it would cost you around $750-1500/ month.

    Yet surprisingly these benefits are offered to members for only $795/year.  


    But that's not all - For a limited time offer membership will also include:


    Save Your Money, Pay Less Tax


     This course and manual will show you a system to enable you to give your clients tax savings ideas throughout the year.  As we all know the best way to save on tax is before year end.


    You'll be able to streamline your operations with tips within this course as well as learn how to increase your income.  How?  We've proven that once you start saving your current clients on tax, they will automatically tell others because it's such good news.  Using this system we've been able to double our client base in a year!


    Sign up today and get this additional bonus, regularly costing $295.00, but yours free if you sign up today!


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