Tax Link Canada Ethics & Standards

Tax Link Canada requires that members of the Tax Link Canada network provide the highest quality of professionalism and service to their clients at all times.  As a Bookkeeper, Tax Preparer, Financial Adviser, Accountant or Consultant, you are a professional and therefore you care about your clients’ businesses and meet that service standard.

We advertise to businesses and contractors (potential clients to you) that anyone can do their bookkeeping and tax preparing, even themselves, but to find someone to do it really well, and save them time and money, then Tax Link Canada is their answer.  Therefore we have high expectations of our members.


To be a Member of Tax Link Canada you are required to have and endeavour to project the following qualities, ethics, standards and traits:

  1. Provide professional service at all times with a positive attitude. Ensure that all communication with clients is clear and understandable.  Be invested in the work your clients hire you for and work to the best of your ability to ensure you are providing the best care of your clients’ needs. 
  2. Maintain confidentiality of their clients and their clients information at all times according to the privacy laws of Canada.
  3. Organized and have the ability to prioritize so that bookkeeping and taxes are done on time with the information provided. Refusing work if timeliness cannot be met or finding another business in the network or outside the network to help ensure that work is done in time.
  4. Knowledgeable and informative – be able to determine what information is necessary and what is not. Informing and training the client on the process of your business and helping them to understand their financials as part of the service you provide
  5. Accurate – double and/or triple checking entries, having attention to detail and ensuring any abnormalities in the bookkeeping or tax of client are communicated to the client and correcting any errors that may have occurred. Ensuring you have all the information required to complete the work properly and within the confines of the law – asking the client for more information when necessary.
  6. Honesty – being honest if you or your staff has made a mistake, correcting the mistake and taking steps to ensure that it won’t happen again. Being honest and truthful in all your business practices.
  7. Experienced and/or resourceful – understanding of the business and industry the client is in. If not fully competent in the industry or nature of the business, having the ability and resourcefulness to research what areas may affect the business and industry for the bookkeeping and/or taxes of that business.  If you don’t feel that you can provide the best for the client, recognizing that and finding someone who can.
  8. Flexible – every business is different and may require different methods, being open to different methods.
  9. Reliable – being there for the client or informing them when you will be away, for how long and who would be able to help them if a problem arises while you are gone. Ensuring that you check with the person you are recommending so that they are aware and able.
  10. Devoted – to doing the best for the client’s business, to caring what happens with their financials and communicating any problems as soon as they arise with the information that they have provided.
  11. Ethical – operating their business with honesty and integrity. This means keeping up with the latest laws, rules and standards that govern bookkeeping, financial advisory, accounting, consulting and taxes.  It means communicating with the client all information that is necessary to their business, even when it may be hard for the client to hear.  It also means, saying “I don’t know” when you don’t know and having the honesty to say that and then the resourcefulness to go find the answer for the client or refer them to someone who does know.
  12. Honest and fair billing – charging for the hours worked but ensuring that you have used the time efficiently so that the hours charged are not padded or inflated.
  13. Keep up to date on new information and software within the financial industry and have a network and/or community that you can rely on for information and training.
  14. Members will not engage in any illegal or unethical conduct or any activity which would constitute a conflict of interest.
  15. Members will comply with lawful orders of the court if so asked to do so and present the information truthfully with no bias or prejudice.

Please note:

All businesses, contractors and potential clients accessing this site to find a professional (bookkeeper, tax preparer, financial adviser, consultant and / or accountant) are provided with the above information so that they are informed of what qualities to look for when hiring.

Tax Link Canada strives to maintain the highest integrity for the membership of this site; therefore members who are not in compliance with the laws of Canada or do not demonstrate integrity and honesty within their business may have their membership revoked.  Please see Tax Link Canada Terms & Conditions for more information.